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Documents available: (Contact US)
Photo ID as Passport, Driver License, National Identity Card
Utility Bill as Electricity Bill or Energy or Power Bill, Water Bill, Gas Bill or Telephone or Landline Bill
Supplier Invoice as Sales invoice and Electronic Receipt or Invoice
Shipment Invoice as DHL express, FedEx, USPS or UPS or other Shipment receipt or invoice
Business Details as Business Website with Invoice and Costumer Chat History
Credit Card statement: Both Online e-statement or Paper statement or Visa Card or Master Card statement of any bank available
Bank Statement: Both Online e-statement or Paper statement of any bank available.
SSN Document available

If You need any custom  documents, Please contact us. Thank You.

Buy Blockchain Opencart Module

Accept bitcoin payment on your website.

Bitcoin payment module for Opencart 2.0.x,

Blockchain is the world’s most popular bitcoin wallet. This extension uses the Receive Payments API v2. This extension is not related to Blockchain as a company nor supported by it.



Module Version


* Extension now uses Blockchain Receive Payments API v2

* Blockchain logo is removed from Payment page to avoid misunderstandings.

* Since v14 You can use any currency in your Frontend, but your default currency *must* be one of the following:


On checkout price in Default currency will be converted to BTC using exchange rate.


* Scan QR Code to make payment with mobile devices

* Customer don’t have to stay on your page and wait for payment to be confirmed

* Order is accepted after Bitcoin transaction is confirmed

* It is possible to pay partially from different wallets to add up Total. Payment will be confirmed when all related transactions reach the limit you have set and Total is equal to Order Total.

* Change Order status when Bitcoin payment is confirmed (Confirmations reach the limit you have set)

* Notify customer when Bitcoin payment is confirmed (Confirmations reach the limit you have set)

* Temporary keep transaction hashes to provide links for payment confirmation tracking, etc.

* Enable / Disable Notify Admin (including payment tracking links) when Payment is confirmed.

* Geo Zone setting

* Responsive design

* Checkout Total BTC Minimum and Maximum

* Checkout Exchange Rate Timeout


Q1: Where can I get an API Key?

A1: If you don’t receive your API Key in 48 hours, create a ticket at to find out why your request is delayed or refused. (FREE)

Q2: Where can I find my Extended Public Key (xPub)?

A2: If you are using wallet like Electrum (v2.5.4 at the time of writing this), you can find xPub Key under menu Wallet->Master Public Keys

Q3: What happened to the Forwarding address?

A3: Using the xPub Key, API will generate receiving addresses for each transaction. Those addresses are actually alias of your main wallet,

Buy Blockchain Opencart Module (Bitcoin)

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